How to save your old wooden baseboards?

Baseboards are like eggs in an omelet, impossible to reuse without breaking a few of them. Don’t worry, keep all the pieces – big and small. You can reuse them in a different way.

First, carefully detach the baseboard from the wall with a flat trowel. Be delicate and patient. Take the nails out by pulling from behind to avoid damaging the baseboard’s surface. Scrape old paint traces. Lightly sand the varnished surface. Last step, reinstall the baseboards and add a coat of varnish.

Talking about reusing differently the broken pieces, these little guys saved us. We used other wood pieces stained a different color but made out of the same wood essence of the original pieces. We used these to create door casing bases that were missing from the reused baseboards.

We sanded only the back of these wood pieces, cut out some nice finished edges and then stain them the desired color. The result was beautiful.

Do you need help restoring your old wooden baseboards? Contact MC Visions! We have the experience required and it will be our pleasure to help you!

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