Kitchen Renovation

When it comes to enlarging and reconfiguring your work space or updating your kitchen, M.C. Visions is the team you can trust from the conception phase all the way through the realization phase of your kitchen renovation project. Do you wish for more light? More storage space? Would you like to add a corner to take an aperitif with your friends? Make a more practical design for the kids? Enlarge your work space to be able to prepare large meals? The first step consist in defining your needs and draw up a plan. Call upon our designer who will maximize your space and obtain exact prices according to the budget that satisfies you.


Do you already have in mind a precise style and color? Whether it’s for the kitchen cabinets or a particular backsplash or a molding detail, our kitchen specialist partners will proactively work with you to achieve your dream.


Do you want to save money by installing inexpensive casings rather than custom made? Our experience in installing prefabricated modules makes of us your best asset to prevent the many difficulties that might show up and to guide your purchases and to prep your walls adequately. Beautiful projects are not made without proper consultation.


We have been a family business since 1986 and our family spirit enhances each of our projects. We listen to our customers and want to offer you the best of our family to yours.

With the experience acquired through the various renovation projects such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements or disaster reconstruction, we have made a name for ourselves through our good work. We make it a point of honor to meet our specifications and work professionally according to industry standards using quality materials.

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